art school for little ones

I was inspired to develop MOTH Art School for little ones from my experience working with children in a preschool setting. I believe in a child’s potential and ability to use art as a channel, an experience and a language to relate to the world. Through art classes, they learn creative tools to express their inner lives and build selves and the world they co-inhabit. Art allows children to have control, to make and change things. To make mistakes that propel their ideas further, rather than hold them back. MOTH gives little ones opportunities to be thoughtful problem solvers and to develop an attention to and appreciation for the world around them. 

MOTH’s mission is to unleash a child's creative self through active exploration of art and their environment. We want to encourage children at a very young age to learn art as a means of expression, creation and collaboration, and to develop a sensibility and appreciation for art in its various forms. 

MOTH provides a nurturing and inspiring space for a child to play, explore and grow. We strive to offer profound experiences in a loving and beautifully curated space.

MOTH follows an emergent curriculum approach to teaching-learning. It is a child centered curriculum following the child's interests and needs. Expression, Creation and Collaboration is the core of our teaching-learning strategy. 



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